How To Start Making Beats for Beginners

As a new producer you are probably wondering how to start making beats. In our How To Start Making Beats for Beginners guide, we go over how you can start making beats and ways you can promote and get yourself out there. Lets begin!


Before starting, I would recommend you read our Beat Making Equipment for Beginners guide.

This guide goes over everything you need equipment wise for you to start making beats.

Just so that we can continue, we are going to assume you have these items:

  • A Computer (Laptop or Desktop)
  • A DAW (Digital audio workstation)
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We will provide some quick recommendations (I work with these products daily so trust me, these are good) but you can always check out our Beat Making Equipment for Beginners guide for more info!

Computer (laptop)

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Studio Monitors

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Studio Headphones

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If you have all these items, then we are ready to move into the next section!

How To Start Making Beats for Beginners

Step 1 – Musical Interest & Listening to a lot of music

Having musical interest is the first step to making beats as a beginner. You have to be interested in making music or else this is going to be a process that will be very hard and draining.

I say this because I encounter a lot of music producers that make music for the completely wrong reasons. When your focus is 100 percent about money and taking short cuts, it will actually take longer to get to your destination. So I would suggest that you make sure that music is something you enjoy doing!

Listening to a lot of music is important too because thats where most of your ideas will come from. This is actually what probably made you decide on making beats – hearing one of your favorite songs and wondering “how did they do that?”

So make sure that you have an interest in music and listen to a lot of music. This will be important for the next sections

Step 2 – Understand how your DAW works

I REALLY wish someone told me this early in my music career so that I didn’t waste so much time in the unknown.

I would encourage you get right in your daw and attempt to mess around in it. 9/10 you wont know what is going on. This is where two POWERFUL resources come in to play:

  • Tutorial Youtube Videos
  • Reading your DAW’s manual

The great thing about youtube videos is that there are hundreds of thousands of videos out there teaching people how to make music and use your DAW. Check them out, but to me, reading your DAWs manual is far more powerful. Why?

Although reading the manual is a boring process, it’s actually the most powerful because you are learning about the software STRAIGHT FROM THE DEVELOPERS THEMSELVES. Great manuals have images on them so you won’t get lost. This also helps with some misinformation that is spread on youtube.

If reading your manual is a daunting task, dedicate some time here and there to opening it up and reading it if you run into an issue.

Step 3 – Follow a tutorial Series and make your first beat!

Following a tutorial series is key on getting started because, these videos hold your hand and take you from A to B.

I am a visual learner so tutorials really helped me out overall and improved my beat making.

For example, here is a great one for FL Studio

All in all, find a tutorial series that works for you and your DAW. There are millions out there!

To summarize:

  • Play some keys even if you don’t know keys.
  • Mess around with the drums even if you don’t know what a kick or a snare is.
  • Turn the volume up and down and see what happens.
  • Play around with plugins and see what it does.
  • EXPLORE and be CREATIVE with what you know as of now.

Step 4 – Export your beat and listen to it

Congrats, you made your first beat! You are now officially in the world wide league of beat makers. Export it and listen to it over and over. Show your friends and family.

Step 5 – Keep making more beats and getting better

After listening to your beat over and over, you will realize one thing that every producer goes through…

“Wow this beat SUCKS! Im never going to be like Pharrell or Metro Boomin!!”

Don’t worry young producer, this is NORMAL. All you need to do is, keep making beats! When you keep making music you will get better naturally and you will start to see your work improve. Trust me don’t give up because your role models all sucked as well once upon a time.

Step 6 – Set up a Beatstars and account

When you are at a level when you want to begin selling beats, create a Beatstars account to upload your beats and sell them there. Next create a account so that you can have 1 link in your instagram bio for all your content. Linkname is dope because it allows you to add your website link, your social profiles and your beatstars play page all on one page. Check this one out for example ->

Conclusion – How To Start Making Beats for Beginners

We hope that you enjoyed this article on how you can start making beats as a beginner.

With all the tools listed here, it’s really easy and fun to get started. You can level up quickly when it comes to making beats so get started now!

Let us know in the comments how your beat journey is going!

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