How To Make Music On Your Computer Without Instruments

So in many of our posts, we encourage our readers to go out and buy equipment to help them make music in an easier fashion. If you are reading this, you are probably wondering how to make music on your computer without instruments. We will discuss that in this article!

Define your goals

So in order to make music on our computers without instruments, we should first define what our goals will be. Some examples of what I am talking about are:

  • What kind of music am I trying to make?
  • What is the genre?
  • How complicated is this piece of music going to be?
  • What DAW will I be using?
  • Can I use my typing keyboard as a “piano”?

So did you decide on your goals? Great! Let’s now cover what exactly we will need to make this happen.



First of all if you don’t have one, you are going to need a computer. With a computer, you can go two routes: Laptop or Desktop.

Go for a laptop if you are a musician who is on the go and wants to be able to make music in any environment.

Go for a desktop if you value having a lot of processing power and having a dedicated stationary machine for your music making.

You can read more about Laptops and Desktops in our guide here.

For your convenience, we added some recommendations:


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The next requirement we have is our DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

Your DAW is next up as a required item because this is how you will be able to make music on your computer without instruments.

In our current application, you should look for a DAW that has these attributes:

  • It’s easy to get into and learn
  • It’s easy to add notes, chords and scales with your mouse.
  • The graphical user interface is clean and easy to navigate since we will be doing a lot of clicking around.
  • It allows for you to play music via your typing keyboard.

For me, the DAW that checked all the criteria above was FL Studio. I have tried many DAWs but for me, I found FL Studio to be really easy to use and the most versatile.

Don’t believe me? Check out these videos below!

… as you can see, it’s possible!

Although there are other DAWS out there such as Ableton, Logic Pro X, Reaper, Pro Tools and so on FL Studio works for me so find out what works for you! I’ve provided some details on FL studio below if you are interested:

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Conclusion – How To Make Music On Your Computer Without Instruments

And literally thats it! Nothing else is needed except a computer and your DAW of choice. Are you currently making music without a midi keyboard or without instruments? Let us know in the comments!

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